The Film Industry

Lead UX
Project Overview
The Film Industry is a social commerce platform where Artists and Travelers meet, share their thoughts, and rent their space.
1) Create a Home Page where users can go wherever they want easily
2) Explore users’ Lodging seamlessly
3) Allow users to check details of the lodging and proceed with booking
4) Create a place for the artists to showcase their work


Doing competitor analysis and user research, I concluded that users wanted a platform to get new ideas and inspirations whilebeing located in a place they felt like home.
To begin with, I asked a few questions.

Competitive Analysis

In order to have a good foundation to start with, I analyzed what our competitors have in common and based our features
on what the users are used to.

After, I did a list of features for the MVP and the Final Target Product.


To ensure that the features are well connected and the users will be able to reach their goal, I created a sitemap.


Before moving to digital, I created a quick wireframe guide for me to follow.

Wireflow and Prototype

To have a better understanding of how the screens are connected, I connected the screens on Sketch and created the first prototype.

Easy Navigation

The homepage has simple navigation and layout to make it easier for the users to discover the app in ease.

Discover Lodges

An easy and convenient way to discover the lodgings of users wether by distance or popularity.

Book a Lodge

Users can easily see the important details of the lodging while being able to book the place with custom options of their choosing.

Profile Page

Since the targeted users are also artists, I created a place for them to showcase and share their artwork with others.

Stay Up to Date

It’s a place where users get their news and updates from their favorite artists and categories that they’re interested in.

Interact with others

Users can discover new artists and upcoming events.
Users can easily jump into live streams and events.

Get Connected

Users can follow their favorite artists or friends, and chat with them or even video call them.

Create Events

Users can create online or offline events and add their details to the their custom event.



I chose yellow as primary color because it represent creativity for our target Audience that consists from Artists and Travelers.


Having a legible text is important specially since the app has articles, therefor I chose Gotham which is an easy font to read.

Buttons and Tags

I did a variation of colors and sizes for the buttons to fit different needs and uses.

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